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web designer and facilitator


i love designs and have a penchant for adding artsy flair to everything i do. i'm absolutely fascinated with graphics, colors, angles, layers, images, textures, structures. i can spend a lifetime looking at pictures and i love to give each of them unexpected meanings – as if there is an unending story to each photo - thinking outside the box is one of my favorite games.

but, that said, i also happen to have a proven business sense and marketing is one of my strengths. i owned a small business for more than 10 years.  My real passion was "profitability" and it can work hand to hand with beauty, style, professional images and excellent services. 

i often struggled with lack of time as a small business owner but marketing wasn't optional so i made time for it. it has to be done and be done effectively. sometimes it is wise to get some help outside your company.

a website is a must  and it's something i love to do. there is no need to pay a fortune be featured professionally online nowadays.  this market has evolved and with newer technology I can now focus on and provide creativity and professionalism at a real affordable price. Try me!

i can create, organize and structure a well-thought out and professional website – work on SEO (search engine optimization) – support and train you so you can manage your site maintenance yourself – develop both mobile and desktops designs ready to go!

i will lay down the process step by step and can manage the load of work for you so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and this for an affordable price.

some other things about me - i have a marketing and business formation, studied graphic design, customer services and medias!

i'm Sylvia at webalities and i would love to mind your business!

Get positively noticed with a stunning yet affordable website

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